Surface Water Flow and Level Monitoring Stations and Records

This page includes historic river stage (level) and flow data for the major rivers of Sierra Leone, and a few short records from commercial sites and from the Water Security Project.


Site Reference Numbers

Site reference number prefixes that are used link back to the maps generated in the 2015 Water Security Report:



Map 2, Proposed River Monitoring Network


Map 10, Rokel-Seli River Basin Water Security Project




* Those not prefixed are not shown on report maps. See Lists and Maps in Volume 1 Appendices.

Included Data

The types of data that are included in the downloads are indicated in the charts below as follows:


F        Stream or River Flow

G       Water Level (Stage)

R        Rainfall

B        Barometric Pressure

Tw      Water Temperature

Ta       Air Temperature


Data Owner, Collector or Origin

The data is made available from different sources which is listed in the charts below:


ADDAX      Addax Biosciences


BWMA       Bumbuna Watershed

                   Management Authority


Met Dept   Meteorological Department


MOE          Ministry of Energy


MWR          Ministry of Water Resources



1976 Hydrological Year Book (1970 to 1976)

Bumbuna Dam (2009 onwards)

Water Security Project (Springs and Small Stream Water Sources, 2013 onwards)

Addax Biosciences (Flow in Rokel-Seli River, 2012 onwards)

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