The National Water Resources Management Agency makes available national and individual river basin maps for viewing online.  These maps were produced using the Free and Open Source Geographic Information System, QGIS.  The GIS map data draws from and feeds back into the OpenStreetMap initiative.  Topography is from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). Details of our proposed national monitoring networks for rainfall, surface water and groundwater will be uploaded in the coming months.


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Map 1

Sierra Leone’s river basins


This map shows Sierra Leone’s river basins, with their total areas and, in the case of trans-boundary basins, the areas that lie within Sierra Leone.

Map 2

Proposed River Monitoring Network


This map shows Sierra Leone’s river basins with the locations of proposed gauging stations to form a national river gauging network.

Map 3

Proposed Meteorological Monitoring Network


This map shows Sierra Leone’s topographic relief and the locations of proposed meteorological stations comprising a national meteorological network.

Map 4

Mean Annual Rainfall


This map shows the spatial distribution of rainfall over Sierra Leone, from two different published sources.

Map 5

Proposed Groundwater Monitoring network


This map shows a simplified geological map of Sierra Leone, with the locations of proposed groundwater monitoring points comprising a national groundwater monitoring network.

Map 6

Rokel-Seli Basin


This map shows the entire Rokel-Seli river basin.

Map 7

Rokel-Seli Basin Map A


This map shows the upper part of the Rokel-Seli river basin from the border with Guinea down almost to Bumbuna.

Map 8

Rokel-Seli Basin Map B


This map shows the middle part of the Rokel-Seli river basin from the Bumbuna dam and reservoir down as far as the Addax Estate.

Map 9

Rokel-Seli Basin Map C


This map shows the lower part of the Rokel-Seli river basin from Makeni – Magburaka to the Rokel estuary near Freetown.

Map 10

Rokel-Seli Pilot Area Sites


This map shows the locations of the monitoring points established by the Sierra Leone Water Security Project (mostly in the middle reach of the Rokel-Seli river basin).

Maps & GIS by Stephanie Trigg

Monitoring data - Ministry of Water Resources, Sierra Leone

Funding - UKaid in partnership with Adam Smith International


Last update Jan 2015

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